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Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

10 Low-cost improvements you can do yourself

First impressions matter. After all, an attractive exterior makes your home feel welcoming for guests and also helps entice prospective buyers if you’re putting your home up for sale. (Not to mention the contentment you get knowing that the cute house on the block is yours.) 

You can easily create a wow-worthy exterior without spending a lot of money, investing countless hours, or hiring a professional to help. Just put the following DIY improvements to work for you.

Paint the front door. A focal point, your front door is the key to a warm welcome. So it makes sense when refreshing the front of your house to paint the door first and then go from there. You could choose a color that pops, like bright blue (of course, make sure it compliments your home), or opt for a classic, statement-making hue, like black.

orange front door Paint the front door

Update hardware. Swapping out your existing front door handle (the finishing touch to your freshly painted front door) and installing new house numbers will kick up a tired façade a few notches.

front door handle Update hardware

Hang a wreath. A tasteful, seasonal wreath is an easy way to accessorize your front door.

flower wreath Hang a wreath

Upgrade your doormat. A freshly painted front door begs for a new doormat. You’ll want to choose a material that is designed to get wet, is UV-resistant and resists mold and mildew, so that your doormat holds up for years.

door mat Upgrade your doormat

Add potted plants. Potted plants, whether sporting bursts of colorful blooms or stately foliage, give off a “this home is well-cared for” vibe.

potted plants Add potted plants

Light things up. Illuminating the path to your front door, or simply adding some landscape lighting, enhances security while elevating aesthetics. Eliminate the need for running wire/having access to power by using solar lights. No wires also gives you the flexibility of installing in-ground lights wherever you want.

front of house Light things up

Replace exterior fixtures. Are your current fixtures showing wear and tear, or are they outdated? If so, now’s the time for updates. (If your fixtures still look current but are bit worn, try giving them new life with a coat of spray paint.)

exterior light fixture Replace exterior fixtures

Put down mulch. Mulch keeps weeds at bay and helps retain moisture, but it also evokes a sense of tidiness and order. Natural mulch, like wood chips or pine needles are good choices (they help improve your soil as they break down over time).

mulch Put down mulch

Trim shrubs. Just like adding mulch, neatly trimmed shrubs are a nod to neatness. Overgrown boxwoods, yews and the like send the message that you don’t care.

shrub Trim shrubs

Add a seat. Whether you have an expansive front porch or simply a bit of space on a stoop, add some furniture—even a basic rocking chair or small side table (with a plant!) goes a long way toward creating charm.

front door and bench Add a seat

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