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Cozy up your Gazebo with Carole Fabrics Custom Drapes

As the summer is coming to a close, days are getting shorter, and the evenings are creeping towards cool and quiet. You may have bought a new clearance garden gazebo at an end-of-summer sale, or maybe your old one needs some autumn charm. Whatever the case may be, using patterned drapery to cozy up your beloved outdoor space is much easier than you think.

Pink Carole Fabrics Custom Drapes decorating a sunroom near Bainbridge Island, WA

Eagle Harbor Window Coverings is proud to offer 4000 plus fabric and color choices in the Carole Fabrics™ Custom Drapes selection. From foliage prints to solids, the collection will impress and inspire you to create that cozy gazebo for early fall entertaining, leisurely pastime, or outdoor home office work.

Fabrics Galore

Considering how much privacy, shade, and warmth you want for those cool autumn days and evenings will help you determine your fabric selection. We have something to offer to cater to everyone’s different wants and needs.

If you want a plethora of privacy and warmth, a thicker patterned or solid fabric will be the perfect companion. If you like to wear a sweatshirt and don't mind a cool breeze, then lighter fabrics are a complementary option. Here are a few of our favorite autumnal fabrics that come in colors and patterns that really capture that fall flair:

Champagne, DSFD_51_Electric_Currents-8852111002 celebrates light shadows of leafless trees in shades of tan and white.

Vermillion, DSFD_27_Feeling_Loved-5747011014 offers a bold autumn solid orange to match the season's rich hues.

Sulfur, DSFD_12_Gentle_Touch-3726511087 flairs a solid golden yellow reflecting the shimmering leaves.

Pimento, DSFD_10_Little_Reno-6933611001, a flowery pattern of rusts, pale blues, and creams for a soft garden look.

Brick, DSFD_10_Park_Place-1016611000, is ignited with a paisley swirl of burnish red leaves echoing that burning oak.

Hang the Drapery

Many garden gazebos come with a drapery hanging system. If not, extension curtain rods can easily be installed. Depending on your taste, you can hang your drapery with hooks or clips. You can tie back the panels with lengths of tule to let the slanting, shifting light in.

Put the Final Touches on your New Autumn Escape

Hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with water for an instant seasonal vase. Overflow it with generous bunches of red, orange, and yellow blooms, and voila, you have your perfect table centerpiece. Use identical clay pots or a mismatched collection to plant as many mums as you can. Remember how short the season is. Bring in the cinnamon-scented candles. String soft white outdoor lights to create a magical ambiance. Mix a batch of hot apple cider, get the fire going, and watch the sun fade as your candles burn.

Get your Gazebo Going

Stop in and see us in Bainbridge Island, WA, or reach out to us online and set up a consultation. Our team is enthusiastic to hear your ideas, and can’t wait to help you make your next window treatment project come to life.

Visit our Inspiration Page for an abundance of resourceful decorating tips.

We are proud to serve the surrounding areas of Poulsbo, Kingston, Silverdale, Port Ludlow, and Kitsap County, WA.