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Bring the Garden in With Floral Roman Shades

It’s that time of year when the gardens are roaring with fragrant blooms, and the birds are singing their old familiar songs. The beauty of nature is in full bloom, so why not bring some of that glory inside with the help of some floral Roman Shades?

Home office decorated with pink cherry blossoms and blue Hunter Douglas Roman Shades near Bainbridge Island, WA

Floral patterns of any sort are popular in many rooms. Small leafy paisley ways are perfect to add a sense of whimsy. Large, overflowing floral designs will make a bold and bright statement. There are all kinds of options to choose from, with an abundant offering of 4,000 plus fabric and color choices, Carol Fabrics Roman Shades will make your imagination burst into millions of decorating ideas!

The Different Personalities of Roman Shades

Flat, Front Fold, Reverse Fold, Hobbled, or Soft are the various types of Roman Shades. Each is suited for its own particular window styles and shapes. The flat and front fold works well with large, patterned fabrics and offers a more minimalistic design, while the hobbled creates a ballooning kind of look and works well with small, printed patterns. Our experts are available to help you figure out exactly what kind will work best for you and can assist you in creating that perfect look.

What’s Blooming in the Kitchen?

Kitchens are the beating heart of any home, so instilling a bright floral atmosphere will make your family and friends feel right at home.

English Garden is a gorgeous English floral with hints of pale blue that can work well in any modern kitchen. While Blinding Smile Coral is splashed with buds of bright coral pink. Either of these choices will add a flowery sophistication to your kitchen.

A Blossom and Bud for the Garden Room

No place is more suited for floral Roman Shades than the Garden Room or Sun Room, as these areas are often adjacent to an outdoor living space and may already have some flowers peeking their blooms in through the windows.

Cypress Grass DSFR 10 sports a jungle of green foliage, perfect for bringing in nature’s bounty. 

Floating Away Leaf DSFR 10 boasts shades of light green leaves floating on blue stems, another excellent match for those airy, almost outdoor spaces. 


Florals with dominant blue hues are another way to make any room say hello. Since blue is an impression of the sky, it always infuses a calming effect. 

Southern Summers DSFR 10 is a mixture of pale blues and peaches, creating a soft efferve scence, and is perfect for a billowy Hobbled Roman Shade. 

Indigo DSFR 10 is a bold denim-like blue with lavish sprays of rust and light gold, suited for larger windows that can take a daring pattern.

Let the Floral Fun Begin

Stop into our showroom located in Bainbridge Island, Washington, or set up a free consultation. Our team is eager to meet you and looks forward to working with you!

Check out our Inspirations Page for more decorating ideas. We are proud to serve the areas of Poulsbo, Kingston, Silverdale, Port Ludlow, and Kitsap County, WA.