Tips for Decorating with Shades

When it comes to decorating with shades, or any window treatment for that matter, it is important for you to have a theme or style in mind for your space. Don’t let your window treatments be the afterthought of your room, incorporate them into your designs and highlight their beauty and craftsmanship. At Eagle Harbor Window Coverings, serving Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Kingston, Port Ludlow and the surrounding Kitsap County areas, we want to help you make the most of your new shades in your home by lending you some tips on decorating with your new Hunter Douglas shades.

Lighten Up

If you want to keep your room looking bright and airy, consider choosing shades that are sheer or that use light colored fabrics to keep that theme going all the way to your windows. By choosing light colors for your shades not only will this block less sunlight from entering the room, it will fill your space with natural light that will enhance all the colors. Any of Hunter Douglas’ Sheers and Shadings would be great for this airy feel, because these shade will offer UV protection but still allow for bright, natural light. If you want to keep the open, bright feel but also crave more light filtration, Honeycomb Shades or Roller Shades layered with heavier shades could be a great option. If light and airy is your goal, stay away from heavy drapery so you don’t block any extra light from entering the house.

Be Bold

If light and airy isn’t really your style, go bold with your color choices for a more sophisticated design. Rather you choose Roman Shades or Roller Shades, you can amp up the style in your room with your window treatments. Roman Shades and Roller Shades are perfect if you want to add color or a pattern into your room without feeling overwhelmed. Adding color with your window treatments allows you to play up accent colors, contrasting patterns on fabrics in the room, and other décor elements. With Roman shades you can even switch up your style by the folds you choose for your shades. Try something dramatic like a balloon shade, a London shade, or even pairing your shades with draperies to really bring your room to life. 

Outside Indoors

Lastly, if you have chosen the distinct style of Woven Wood shades for your home, consider playing up that warm, natural feel that these shades will automatically lend to your room. Choose contrasting wooden accents to mix up the colors in your space. Bring some greenery into the room, either plants or green accent colors, for a fun way to make your space feel stylish but quirky. If you plan to pair your Woven Wood shades with other draperies, don’t overwhelm them or cover them too much because these shades allow for beautiful light diffusion in your room with unique patterns and designs because of the materials used in the shades.

Whatever décor you choose for your home; Hunter Douglas shades will do nothing but compliment your space. If you are still unsure about your shade choice or are concerned about how certain styles will fit into your décor, contact the experts at Eagle Harbor Window Coverings and we can set up an in-home consultation to really make the most of the design of your home.