Adding PowerView Motorization To Your Home Automation

Home is where you ultimately kick your feet up and relax after a hard day. So why shouldn’t you make your personal space as comfortable as possible when it comes time to unwind? Adding automated devices throughout your home can help relieve the stress of constantly adjusting lights or even your alarm, but when you consider this same feature for your window treatments, you’ll take relaxation to the next level. Here are some ways adding motorized shades can benefit your home and start making your life easier today.

Adding PowerView™ Motorization

When Hunter Douglas designed their award winning PowerView™ motorized operating system, they included countless options that make adding this popular device a great choice for your window treatments. Not only will you be able to lift your windows with the touch of a button, the exclusive Pebble Remote Control along with the PowerView™ App also allows you the ability to program, or create scene’s, for up to 6 settings for individual window treatments throughout your home. This means you can set various treatments to adjust at different times depending on your needs. Being able to control your windows doesn’t stop there, as Hunter Douglas also features the PowerView app for smart phones and tablet devices. This allows you to connect your motorized window treatments to your home automation with ease. If you’ve accidently misplaced your remote or you’re in a hurry, PowerView™ remains traditional with PowerView Surface. It’s easy to see why PowerView Motorization has become the go-to automated system when it comes to updating your window treatments.

Integrating Home Automation With PowerView™ Motorization

Whether you are a home automation enthusiast or this is your first step, our award-winning app allows you to effortlessly integrate your window treatments with your existing home automation system. PowerView™ Motorization is compatible with a variety of systems including: Nest®, Logitech®, IFTTT, Control4®, RTI, URC®, Elan®, Savant®, and Creston®. You can also hook up voice control with Amazon Echo®. You will find the information you need and the correct driver for your home automation system on the Hunter Douglas Website. For more information on how to add PowerView™ to your home automation, contact the experts at Eagle Harbor Window Coverings, serving Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Kingston, Port Ludlow and the surrounding Kitsap County areas. We can help you get the most out of your automated window treatments.