Hard Wired Motorized Window Treatments

The beauty of a fully automated home is being able to control every room with the touch of a button, even from the comforts of your couch with a remote. Everything from lights to kitchen appliances can be automated, so getting your windows up-to-date should be your next priority in home convenience. With numerous operating systems from Hunter Douglas that pairs with their high quality shades, modernizing your home with the latest in Motorized Window Treatments has never been easier. Check out the various systems Hunter Douglas has to offer before deciding which one fits your home.

Get Wired

Hard wiring your window treatments allows you to control them from a central control panel that is mounted permanently on your wall, much like a light switch. This is convenient for those who want to stop for only a brief moment to adjust their shades instead of spending minutes attempting to do so by hand. Hunter Douglas offers the fashionable Platinum™ wall switch that allows you to adjust up to two stop positions for varying degrees of light depending on how much privacy or sun you desire. For those who still enjoy the comforts of a remote as well as a wall mounted control, you can also choose the Platinum™ remote control for individual treatments or for those you want to adjust in groups.

PowerRise®2.1 & PowerView™

When it comes to lowering or raising your windows, Hunter Douglas offers some of the most superb and user friendly systems available. Their popular PowerView™ motorized operating unit is an award winning system that allows you the simplicity of adjusting your blinds from several different outlets. The Pebble Remote not only helps you lift or lower your shades, it can also be programmed with up to 6 individual window treatment settings to adjust automatically throughout the day. You can also access the PowerView Motorization with the PowerView App available to download on your smart phone or tablet or go with the more permanent wall mount PowerView Surface for access any time when you are home. Even though PowerView™ has the ability to run from battery power, it also has the option for plugging in for power as well as hardwired remote controls. There is also the choice of PowerRise®2.1 which utilizes the Platinum™ system when adjusting your window treatments. With this simple system, you only have to use your Platinum™ remote to choose between the upward or downward option. PowerRise®2.1 can control an individual window treatment or multiple ones, even in different rooms, to meet your automated needs.

PowerGlide® 2.1 & PowerTilt™

While some motorized systems are designed to lift and lower your treatments, Hunter Douglas has produced several unique units that offer much more than lifting and lowering power. PowerGlide® 2.1 is an innovative approach to adjusting your large, vertical shades. Often times vertically oriented shades are used to cover larger windows or doors that expand from floor to ceiling, which makes covering them expansive and the window treatments larger. Instead of trying to adjust such a long treatment with precision, PowerGlide® 2.1 easily rotates and closes or opens your vertical window vanes from a remote for the perfect position every time. This system is hardwired during installation for the most reliable and best control available. For tilting horizontal blinds in a similar fashion, PowerTilt™ gives you the option of using Platinum™ technology to help tilt the slats in your blinds easily with a remote. While this system isn’t hardwired, it still offers the convenience of wireless control with a battery powered unit and a remote. This may all sound confusing, but don’t worry, we can help. If you’re ready to upgrade to motorized window treatments, contact the experts at Eagle Harbor Window Coverings, Serving Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Kingston, Port Ludlow and the surrounding Kitsap County areas, for help on selecting the correct system for your shades.