Energy Efficient Custom Curtains & Drapery 

Products that are energy efficient are incredibly important for this day and age. Not only do these products help reduce global impact, but they will also save you money effortlessly. Here at Eagle Harbor Window Coverings, offering custom drapery (also commonly called curtains) in Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Kingston, Port Ludlow and the surrounding Kitsap County areas, we want to help you select custom drapery for your home that will save you money by being energy efficient.

Consider Custom Drapery

Custom drapery and curtains allow you to reduce the heat loss and gain from your windows. Depending on the fabric type and color that you choose for your drapery or curtains, you can significantly reduce your energy costs. By choosing heavier fabrics that reduce the amount of light that enters the room when they are closed, your energy costs will go down because these types of fabrics will keep heat loss and gain to a minimum.

With custom drapery from Eagle Harbor Window Coverings you can choose from a wide array of fabrics by designers like Duralee, Greenhouse, and Maxwell fabrics, that will add beauty to your home. Not only are these fabrics high quality, but also they are also sturdy and will last for many years to come.

Superior Linings

In addition to the custom designer fabrics and textiles for your drapery, the lining that is used with these fabrics will make all the difference in energy costs. Well-lined curtains provide even more of a reduction for heat loss and gain. Having extra layers of fabric protects the internal temperature of your home because it sets up another barrier between outside temperatures and the air in your home. 

Using Your Custom Drapery For Energy Efficiency

To even further aid in your energy cost reduction here are a few tips about how to most efficiently use your custom drapery. During the summer, keep your draperies on windows with direct sunlight closed during the day, this blocks direct sunlight from entering the house and thus lowers the internal temperature. In the winter, keep all blinds closed at nighttime. This has the reverse effect; this will keep the warm temperatures in your home while blocking out the chilly nighttime air.  Hang your drapery as close to the window as possible to avoid heat exchange. Consider installing cornices, which can also be custom crafted at Eagle Harbor Window Coverings, in your home to hang the drapery from or hang at the very top of the wall on the ceiling. By doing these simple things with your custom drapery your energy costs will be lowered.

Energy Efficient Custom Drapery

Custom Drapery can be tailored to fit your every need. When you are given the option of hand selecting every aspect of your drapes or curtains, the end result will be far superior to anything you could purchase in a store, for both your décor and your energy efficiency needs. Eagle Harbor Window Coverings is the best choice for custom drapery in Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Kingston, Port Ludlow and the surrounding Kitsap County areas. Contact us to set up an in-home consultation to get the process started for choosing your new custom drapery to get the ball rolling on significantly reducing your energy cost in your home.