Choosing Custom Draperies & Curtains 

Choosing to have custom drapery (also commonly called curtains) installed in your home can be a troublesome decision for many homeowners. Custom drapery and curtains are costly when compared to ready-to-hang draperies but custom drapery also offers many things that common off-the-rack draperies will not. Here at Eagle Harbor Window Coverings, your best choice for custom draperies and valances in Bainbridge Island, we want to show you why custom drapery is your best option.


At Eagle Harbor Window Coverings you are in control of every aspect of your customized drapes. We use rich, luxurious fabrics from designers like Duralee, Greenhouse, and Maxwell fabrics, that will transform your home into something beautiful. Most ready-to-hang draperies come in a very limited variety of colors and fabrics. With custom drapery you get rid of the possibility for settling on a fabric that you are not entirely satisfied with. By picking from a beautiful array of designer fabrics you can be certain that your drapes will be exactly how you want them.


In addition to choosing the fabric for your custom draperies, Eagle Harbor Window Coverings also gives you the ability to choose the size of your window fashions.

Most ready-to-hang drapery comes in one, standard size, but not everyone’s windows are the same size, nor is their ceiling height all the same. As a rule of thumb, for a room to look larger, draperies should be at ceiling height. But with ready-to-hang draperies this is usually not possible because of the incorrect length. If drapery can only be hung from one height, windows that are designed to have a higher hung rod lose their design. This can also be said about the width of ready-to-hang drapery. Ready-to-hang drapery might not fit all the way across your window, which leaves you with the option of never closing your blinds or having to buy multiple sets to compensate, which is not cheap by any means, especially when you are having to replace these store-bought drapes every few years or so because of the lower quality materials. But with custom drapes, these worries are gone. Whatever length and width you need, we can create.


Because Eagle Harbor Window Coverings uses such high-quality fabrics for our custom drapery, we make sure that the lining is just as well done. The lining for drapery is essential. When the sun hits the back of your drapery and the drapery is not lined, which most ready-to-hang drapes are not, the color and pattern become distorted. This back lighting changes the color of your drapery and the new color it produces may look horrible in your room. But when you choose custom drapery this concern won’t be something you have to worry about.

When you choose to have custom drapery or curtains installed in your home through Eagle Harbor Window Coverings, you are making the decision not to settle on any of your design choices. With our custom drapery you decide what works the best for your style, from the textiles, the heights, and the overall design, all things that ready-to-hang products do not offer. High quality custom drapery will last for years to come, will keep you satisfied with your choices, and will look great in your home. Contact Eagle Harbor Window Coverings today to request an in-home consultation to get started on the installation of custom drapery for your home.