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Home Window Upgrades for the Summer

Bring on the summer! Bring on the backyard barbeques, the summer hikes, and warm summer nights spent around campfires. Bring on trips to the shore and family memories in the making. But the one thing you really don't want to bring is the heat of summer home with you. Because summertime fun is not so fun when the weather makes your home uncomfortably hot, keep your home at a more consistent and comfortable temperature with a few home window upgrades! Not only will these help keep your home at the perfect temperature, they can also make your home more energy efficient.

Energy-efficient windows with PowerView® Automation installed on home windows near Bainbridge Island, WA

PowerView® Automation

By upgrading to a motorized operational system for your window treatments, you not only get more precise and controlled movement, but you also get the ability to increase your window treatment's efficiency exponentially. PowerView® Automation does this by offering several different easy and convenient-to-use operation systems. PowerView® can be controlled with a hand-held remote, through a wall panel, smartphone, or tablet using the PowerView® App or smart home systems. There are also additional automation options that can be synchronized with a household's daily schedule or the sun's rotation to optimize every aspect of your home’s light and heat. Window treatments operating on an automated schedule can increase the energy efficiency of the home to help stabilize summertime temperatures making it a popular home window upgrade this time of year.

Hunter Douglas Shades Compatible with PowerView® Automation


Hunter Douglas Duolite® system is an innovative operating system driven by the desire to fully control light for multi-functional lighting effects. Duolite® treatments utilize textiles with two different opacities operated on a single roller unit; a light-filtering fabric to create diffused or softer lighting effects and a room-darkening or blackout fabric that blocks light so that a single window treatment can cover the spectrum of lighting effects. In the summer, the benefits of this feature are twofold. First, blocking direct light also blocks the solar heat that natural light brings. Less light and heat entering your abode, less danger of indoor temperatures being affected.

Second, Duolite® shades help maintain dark sleeping areas when used in the bedroom, which can help counter the longer daylight hours in the summer. This can be especially useful in children's rooms and for those that need to sleep during the day, who go to bed early, or who like to sleep late. Popular styles of Duolite® window treatments for the bedroom include Silhouette Duolite® Shadings and Vignette Duolite® Shades.

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So, as the weather heats up this summer, consider how home window upgrades like Duolite® shades or PowerView® Automation can help your home stay cool and comfortable. Our team here at Eagle Harbor Window Coverings is ready to help you get your home ready to handle the summer heat. Request a consultation online, call us at (206) 842-2241, or come and visit us at 937 Hildebrand Ln NE, Ste 102, Bainbridge Island, WA, to get started today!