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Geometric Design with Roller Shades

Nothing adds more interest and stylish flair to a home’s interior design than geometrical patterns. You can tastefully mix and match the angles, lines, and various shapes, to create a nearly unlimited range of interesting and innovative combinations for your truly picture-perfect window.

Light blue Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades with geometric designs near Bainbridge Island, WA

As for bringing these kinds of patterns into your home, there is no simpler option than Roller Shades. Combine the simplicity of roller shades and the complexity of geometric patterns, and you have windows with personality plus perfect function. At Eagle Harbor Window Coverings, we proudly carry the expansive collection of Hunter Douglas roller shades patterned in attractive geometric designs.

Take Easy Street with Roller Shades

Roller shades are known for their minimalist and sleek style. When rolled down, whatever pattern you have selected will instantly brighten up any room. When rolled up entirely, they disappear, leaving your windows wide open so you can enjoy the views of the outdoors. To make your life even easier, you can always opt for Power view Automation, an intelligent way to maneuver your window treatments for a truly divine combination of convenience, light control, and privacy.

Get your Shapes and Shades On

While our Hunter Douglas roller shades are offered in a vast selection of colors and textures, we want to highlight just a few of our favorites with exquisite geometric patterns. From circles to triangles to ovals, all the different shapes will add tons of visual interest to your windows.

Designer Roller Shades

  • Pewter Halx 801 comprises vertical repeating and overlapping triangles in tones of silver. These swooping upward motions will add height to your windows.  
  • Shortbread QUO 301 celebrates a mismatched, diamond-shaped pattern on a mustard yellow background and makes a strong artistic statement. 
  • Denim Blue JOHB 601 sports a repetitive, imperfect egg shape on the horizontal. 
  • Crow HLS 901 is a grey leaf shape pattern that will create a more calming natural effect. 
  • Flint DOW 801 shows off flowing vertical waves in blues or greys.
  • Buff COLC 401 boasts repetitive circles surrounded by swirling lines.

Banded Shades

  • Cinnabar EVK 501 consists of long, horizontal geometric lines against a dramatic deep red. This pattern is an eye catcher as it adds color and shape simultaneously.  
  • Windy Sea CSTL 601 entails repetitive, parallel eye shapes against a rich teal background.  

Each pattern for the roller and banded shades also comes in other admirable hues, with plenty of options for all tastes.

Take Easy Street with Roller Shades

Are you ready to add that geometrical element to your home? Stop in and see us in Bainbridge Island, WA, or set up a  consultation. Our experts are eager to hear your ideas and help you bring them to life!

Check out our latest inspiration about Mixing Patterns. It is chock full of ideas about balancing shapes, colors, sizes, and more - allowing your imagination to run wild with creative energy. 

We are proud to also serve the surrounding areas of Poulsbo, Kingston, Silverdale, Port Ludlow, and Kitsap County, WA.