Motorized Window Treatments for Home Automation Near Bainbridge Island, WA

Setting the thermostat, opening and closing the blinds and shades, and locking the doors are just a few of the small tasks that most homeowner’s complete on a daily basis.  During the day, these small jobs do not require much time, but over the span of a year, you could spend upwards of an hour completing these.  Imagine living in a home where all of these things are completed automatically without having to a waste any of your precious time.  With home automation, this is possible.  Thanks to today’s technology, home automation allows your window treatment operations to be automated through PowerViewTM Motorization from Hunter Douglas and home automation platforms.

What is home automation?

Home automation involves the automatic control of heating, cooling, lighting, appliances, window treatments, and security.  Most systems consist of a central hub that controls the automated features through a variety of switches and sensors.  The hub can then be programmed or controlled by the user through an interface.  The specific interface varies depending on the device, but most consist of a wall-mounted screen, a smartphone or tablet application, or a website.

How does PowerViewTM Motorization work with home automation?

PowerViewTM Motorization from Hunter Douglas can seamlessly connect with most home automation systems through the PowerViewTM Hub. The revolutionary PowerViewTM Hub connects your pre-designed scenes from the PowerViewTM application to the specific home automation system using the home’s local connectivity or using the cloud.   The specific connectivity path depends on the integration system within the home automation device.  Most home automation systems require a driver or a plug-in to connect to the PowerViewTM application. 

What home automation devices are compatible with PowerViewTM Motorization?

There are a variety of different devices available on the market that can integrate seamlessly with PowerViewTM Motorization for complete home automation, including:

  • Control4­ – Control4 gives the option to control the lighting, audio, window treatments and security for a single room or the entire home.
  • ELAN Home Systems – With over 25 years of experience, ELAN provides simple home automation interfaces that can be used on most smart devices.
  • IFTTT – IFTTT provides home automation through recipes with a variety of different applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Dropbox or Evernote.
  • Logitech Harmony Home – Logitech Harmony Home allows the user to create unique experiences that adjust the lighting, audio, window treatments, and security depending on the pre-determined settings.
  • Nest® - The Nest® products make home automation simple with automatic connections to many different devices and applications.
  • Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) – RTI provides user-friendly handheld or in-wall controllers and accessories for home automation.
  • Savant Systems – The home automation products from Savant integrate modern home and commercial solutions, including media integration.
  • Universal Remote Control (URC) –URC offers remote controls and automation systems for both residential and commercial settings.

How do I get home automation for my window treatments?

Once you have a home automation system, connecting your window treatments equipped with PowerViewTM Motorization is easy!  The home automation professionals at Eagle Harbor Window Coverings can work with you to determine which home automation system would work best for your home in Bainbridge Island, Silverdale, Kingston and the surrounding areas.  Additionally, the team can assist you with downloading the correct drivers and plug-ins to ensure seamless operation between the two products.  If you are unsure if home automation is right for you, come visit the expansive showroom at Eagle Harbor Window Coverings or set up an in-home consultation.  Once you realize how easy your life can become with home automation, you will never return to manually operating your blinds!