The Advantages of PowerView™ Motorization

If you value simplicity in your home and life, Hunter Douglas’ most advanced operating system is the best choice you could make for your home. From the smart remote that controls this system to the safety it will bring your home, the Hunter Douglas PowerView™ Motorization system will simplify and enhance your life in many ways.

The PowerView™ APP

The first aspect of the PowerView™ Motorization system that really makes this operation system stand out is the PowerView™ App that allows you to program your system to operate your window treatments in a variety of ways. You can pre-program up to 6 groups of settings to automatically change the position of your window treatments throughout the day. Whether you choose to operate your blinds or shades individually or as a group, you can have them open and close to your desired positions whether you’re home to watch or even if you’re away. With the user-friendly app, you can use your smart phone or tablet to personalize your settings as much or little as you like. Smart style remote controls are used to offer you touch of a button control if you choose.

Time Of Day Settings

You have a variety of options when it comes to setting up your motorized window treatments. You can have them set to open and close with the rising and setting of the sun or pick a set time each day or day of the week when you want them to open or close. This is a perfect way to wake up early during the week and later on the weekends. You can also program certain window treatments to open and close as needed to provide you with the natural light you need or to prevent glare during your favorite TV show. The options are limitless.

Benefits with Simplicity

In addition to simplifying your life and home, Hunter Douglas’ PowerView™ Motorization System will also help keep your home safe and your heating and cooling costs down. To help with heating and cooling costs, your window treatments can be programmed to shut during the hottest and coldest parts of the day, which blocks heat from entering or leaving the home depending on the season. In addition to lowering heating and cooling costs, the PowerView™ Motorization System creates the illusion that someone is home at all times. This movement within the home will deter burglaries and vandalism, both usually occurring when the house is presumed to be empty during the day. As an added bonus, PowerView™ Motorization works with most home automation systems for even more convenience.

Available with a wide range of handcrafted Hunter Douglas products, the PowerView™ Motorization System is your best option if you are looking to simplify your life. If the PowerView™ Motorization System is something you believe would fit into your lifestyle and home, contact the experts at Eagle Harbor Window Coverings. Discover how PowerView™ Motorization in Bainbridge Island WA will enhance your window treatments and give you better control of your light and privacy than ever before. Eagle Harbor Window Coverings proudly serves Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Kingston, Silverdale, Port Ludlow and the surrounding Kitsap County areas.