5 Things to Consider When Buying Blinds

Deciding the perfect type of window treatment for your home can be a difficult decision.  There are so many different styles, options, textures, and materials available, that it can be very overwhelming.   A great way to determine what type of window treatments would work best for you and your home is to consider these five things:

  1. Budget – The first thing you should consider when purchasing new window treatments is the cost.  Window blinds vary in cost depending on style, material, or size.  For example, wood blinds provide a very warm feel, but they are very expensive.  Faux wood blinds closely mimic the look of wood blinds, but are half the cost.  Basic vinyl blinds can provide different light and privacy options within a tight budge, but they are not as aesthetically pleasing.  Honeycomb shades are a great money-saving option because the honeycomb design offers great energy efficiency.  
  2. Light and Privacy – A very important thing to consider when choosing new window treatments is the amount of light and privacy you want in your home.   Many blinds offer adjustable options to increase or decrease the amount of light.  Aluminum blinds and shades can be equipped with a blackout liner to completely block out light.  Vinyl, woven, or solar shades allow some light to filter through even when completely closed.  For privacy, you should consider the operation of the window treatment.  Window shades are not adjustable, so they are either open or closed, which sacrifices privacy.  Horizontal and vertical blinds have operable slats that can be open or closed, as well as rotated up or down for privacy.  Top-Down Bottom-up shades open from the top and bottom for maximum privacy options, while still allowing light into the room.
  3. Style – Your home’s specific style and décor should play a large role in choosing new window treatments.  Different styles, materials, or textures create certain ambiances in each room.  For example, vinyl typically does not create a warm atmosphere, but real wood and faux wood are good alternatives.  Fabrics used in honeycomb shades, blinds or roman shades create an inviting feel in any room.  For a more unique style, consider purchasing top-down or bottom-up shades. 
  4. Cleaning and Maintenance – An often forgotten thing to consider is cleaning and maintenance of the window treatment.  Vinyl, wood, aluminum, and some fabrics can be simply cleaned with a duster or vacuum.  On the other hand, certain fabric window treatments required steam or dry cleaning.  The maintenance requirements can also vary.  Wood blinds have to be repainted or stained every couple of years.  But, vinyl blinds hold their color for the lifetime of the blinds.
  5. Safety – Last, but certainly not least, safety is a very important thing to consider, especially if you have small children or pets.  Shades and blinds can be cordless to prevent accidents.  Motorized options are also available, which completely removes the cord and the tilt rod.  Additionally, a wand can be a safer alternative to corded options.
If you are struggling to picture the type of blinds that would look best in your home, visit our showroom at Eagle Harbor Window Coverings today.  Together with our design experts, you can see, touch, and feel each Hunter Douglas window treatment option, making it easier to envision it in your home.  We proudly serve Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Kingston, Port Ludlow and the surrounding Kitsap County areas!